A Helping Hand: CRHP’s Latest Technology Exchange with SwissLimbs

This past week, CRHP’s Artificial Limbs team and SwissLimbs, a nonprofit organization based in Switzerland, worked together to expand the services offered by the Artificial Limbs Workshop at CRHP. The mission of SwissLimbs is to provide mobility to all people as a fundamental human right, which complements CRHP’s vision of comprehensive health access and empowerment... Continue Reading →


VHW Profile: The Story of Surekha Sadaphule

Surekha was born and raised in the village of Matkuli, into a lower-caste family as one of four female children. At the time of her birth, the low-caste community members were forced to live in the periphery of the village limits. Their status prohibited them from wearing shoes in the village center, drawing water from... Continue Reading →

The Prospect of Solar Stoves at CRHP

In CRHP’s pursuit of using appropriate technology in the Project Villages, we have begun investigating the practicality of solar stoves as an alternative to stovetops for the villages. Typically, solar stoves are an expensive and an unaffordable investment for people in rural areas, but 100 Suns is an organization that works to disseminate a simple... Continue Reading →

VHW Profile: The Story of Arti Pawar

Arti was one of five children growing up. As a female in what she called a “really backward district,” receiving an education was a contested issue. Like many female children in India, Arti was considered a social and economic liability, so neighbors warned Arti’s father against sending her to school.  They told him that if... Continue Reading →

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