Diabetes Progress in CRHP’s Project Villages

In 2016, CRHP was awarded a grant from the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) to further our work on a disorder affecting the lives of many in India: diabetes. A common misconception is that diabetes only affects individuals in affluent countries when in fact, it is becoming a global disorder that affects poor and rural communities... Continue Reading →

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VHW Profile: The Story of Babai Haribhau Sathe

Babai Sathey grew up in Village Jawalka and was one of nine siblings. Babai and her family’s identities and opportunities were dictated by their Untouchable caste. This brand precluded Babai’s family from land ownership. With so many children and a hindered ability to generate income, her parents needed her to take care of her younger... Continue Reading →

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The Impact of the Adolescent Girls Program: #15Girls

Interview with Varsha and Vaishnavi, Adolescent Girls Program participants from Indiranagar Interview by Lexi Barab, written by Julia Queale What is the hardest thing about being a teenager? Varsha: When I was 15, it was difficult to go outside and receive further education. Vaishnavi: When I walk down the street, the boys harass me. What advice would... Continue Reading →

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Unheard Voices: Akila Sayyed

As told by Akila Sayyed, translated by Surekha  After I got married at the age of 16, I worked on farms in the villages as well as factories in cities; however, my life never improved. I never found satisfaction in my work; no one respected me. I wasn’t contributing to the wellbeing of my family... Continue Reading →

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Unheard Voices: Selma

Selma was born into a very poor family with a young mother and a drunkard father in Indiranagar, a slum of Jamkhed. Her mother worked as a day laborer in neighboring farms while her father stayed at home and drank, providing no income for the family. Selma attended preschool at CRHP where she was provided... Continue Reading →

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The Impact of Nutrition in the Adolescent Girls Program

Written by Alexis Barab In the past year, 45 adolescent girls from 2 rural villages around Jamkhed have been trained in topics of health, sanitation, environment, nutrition, and kitchen garden construction and maintenance. These girls are between the ages of 10 and 18 and have been trained by CRHP’s social workers, CRHP nurses, CRHP Farmers’... Continue Reading →

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A Day in the Life: the Joyful Learning Preschool

Written by Julia Queale, Intern In 1993, CRHP opened the Joyful Learning Preschool for the children from Indiranagar, CRHP's neighboring slum. For six days a week, children ages two to five come to the preschool to build a foundation for their academic and social life. Alongside the activities to build this foundation, the children also learn... Continue Reading →

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Health for All: Maternal Healthcare at Julia Hospital

Written by: Alex Halliday, CRHP volunteer  Before leaving the UK, I was programmed to believe that successful maternal healthcare came from plugging large funds into training highly-selective doctors and midwives. The maternity ward at CRHP's Julia Hospital is indeed a success, but it is neither built nor sustained on this ethic. From the very beginning,... Continue Reading →

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Developing an Aquaponics System at CRHP

Written by: Brad McFarland, CRHP Volunteer Aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics (growing plants in water instead of soil) and aquaculture (fish farming). Traditionally, a large percentage of water escapes into the ground and is not used by plants when they are watered. In traditional aquaculture, as waste builds up in the water, it is... Continue Reading →

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Unheard Voices: Asha

Written by: Carla Menezes, Khushbu Pandya, and Fara Rodríguez, CRHP volunteers Asha and other Village Health Workers pose after a farm seminar. Asha is a Village Health Worker who has been working with the neighboring slum of Indiranagar for the past twenty-one years. She was born into an Other Backward Caste (OBC) family, and therefore, had... Continue Reading →

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2013-2014 Annual Report

Here is the latest CRHP Annual Report, outlining activities, programs, partnerships, finances, and more. (click to begin slideshow)

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Science Center Update

Written by Cameron Hawkins January was an eventful month for the Science Center! Dr. Martin Kamela, who started the Science Center, returned with two Elon students, several Science Center Staff attended a conference on science education in India, a workshop was conducted for Science teachers in Jamkhed, follow-up kits were made, and the 2nd Trash-to-Treasure... Continue Reading →

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Celebrating Women Everyday: Monika Kamble

Written by: Sumana V Monika Kamble is an instructor for the Adolescent Girls Program and has been working at CRHP for almost 20 years. How did you become interested in the Adolescent Girls Program? I came to CRHP in 1996 after I was married. In 1998, I was working in Latur through CRHP, and the area... Continue Reading →

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Staff Profile: Mangal Pandit

Born in the Maharashtrian village of Manman, Mrs. Mangal Pandit has worked at CRHP since 1979 and lives on CRHP’s campus with her family. She is currently Nursing Superintendent at CRHP’s Julia Hospital. In her time at CRHP, she has conducted thousands of deliveries in addition to other duties attending to in-patients. How did you... Continue Reading →

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Overcoming Barriers: Sofiabai’s Story

Written by: Sumana V Sofiabai is a 73-year-old VHW in Patoda with expansive experience working in improving health, women’s empowerment, and tackling societal obstacles.  Growing up as the oldest of sixteen children, Sofiabai felt pressure to take care of the household early on. The pardah system existed in her small Muslim community within her village,... Continue Reading →

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Summer 2015 Experiential Courses

This summer, CRHP will be offering three experiential courses: an Experiential Course in Health and Development, an Experiential Course in Sustainable Agriculture, and a Documentary Filmmaking Course. Participants in each course will explore the Jamkhed Model of community-based healthcare through the lens of public health, agriculture, or documentary filmmaking. Through CRHP’s three principles, equity, integration,... Continue Reading →

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When you give, I can give…

Giving Tuesday, December 2, 2014, is a global day dedicated to celebrating generosity and giving back. This year, CRHP wants to connect our donors, staff, and volunteers for Giving Tuesday by highlighting the impact our dedicated team is having on their community, thanks to your ongoing and generous support over the past years. If you are... Continue Reading →

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A Village Visit to Pimperkhed

Written by SJ Renfroe It is still my first week being at CRHP, and already I have learned so much about community-oriented health which is sustainable and based on pursuing human dignity and equality. In order to better understand CRHP’s programs in action, I went with a group of students to Pimperkhed, one of CRHP’s... Continue Reading →

Sacred Heart University Reflections

This January we hosted students from Sacred Heart University for two weeks. Here are the students' reflections about their experiences here. Enjoy! My favorite experience was going into the villages and meeting the people who benefit from the knowledge of the Village Health Workers. It was amazing to see the influence one person can have... Continue Reading →

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