A Journey of Self-Discovery

The World Health Organization defines empowerment as “the process by which people gain control over the factors and decisions that shape their lives.” This process manifests differently not only in each community but with each individual. At CRHP, it is a belief that empowerment of women is the key to the empowerment of a community... Continue Reading →

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Droughts: A Story of Maharashtra

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, water is the most precious resource, and it is also the most elusive. Maharashtra is plagued by years of drought periodically interrupted by seasons of heavy rains and flooding; known as wet droughts. These two extremes represent the most serious hinderances to farmers in the region as they account... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: Amol Khetre

If you were to walk around CRHP’s campus on a Sunday, you would probably bump into a group of children. The sound of their laughter and running feet often fills the halls of the training center and the pathways outside their parents’ houses. Mobile Health Team (MHT) member, Amol, talks about what it was like... Continue Reading →

The Answer Lies Within The Community

“You ask us to wash hands, to use soap. Where is the water? Do you know the cost of soap?” When doctors Mabelle and Raj Arole began working in the Jamkhed community in the 1970s, the idea of a comprehensive preventative health organization began forming in their minds. They knew that preventative programs would help... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: The Story of Anil Kadam

Anil Kadam, Manager of Appropriate Technology Anil grew up as an only child in the town of Ahmednagar where his father was serving in the military. He frequently visited CRHP during holidays from school to spend time with his aunt who was a nurse at CRHP and uncle who was a driver at CRHP. Anil was... Continue Reading →

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