Sustainable Farming Practices: A New Curriculum for the Adolescent Boys Program

As we head into another year of drought in Maharashtra, CRHP has identified that it is increasingly important to work with farmers on sustainable farming practices, food security, and the mental health implications of drought on farmers, their families, and their communities. In the last decade, farmer suicides in India have gained significant attention. This... Continue Reading →


Watershed Development: An Increase In Community Collaboration

In Maharashtra, droughts have historically affected agriculture, often leading farmers to plant “cash crops,” that can grow easily during a drought. While cash crops may provide temporary benefit to farmers attempting to earn money for a year’s harvest, it is at the cost of reducing soil nutrient quality for future, more profitable crops. Additionally, if... Continue Reading →

The Prospect of Solar Stoves at CRHP

In CRHP’s pursuit of using appropriate technology in the Project Villages, we have begun investigating the practicality of solar stoves as an alternative to stovetops for the villages. Typically, solar stoves are an expensive and an unaffordable investment for people in rural areas, but 100 Suns is an organization that works to disseminate a simple... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: The Story of Heerabai

Heerabai is one of the women who made her way to CRHP as a patient but has now become a member of the CRHP community as a staff member at the Mabelle Arole Rehabilitation Center. Heerabai was born in nearby village, Rajuri, but she received no education growing up. Heerabai became part of our community... Continue Reading →

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