Diabetes Progress in CRHP’s Project Villages

In 2016, CRHP was awarded a grant from the World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) to further our work on a disorder affecting the lives of many in India: diabetes. A common misconception is that diabetes only affects individuals in affluent countries when in fact, it is becoming a global disorder that affects poor and rural communities... Continue Reading →

VHW Profile: The Story of Lalanbai

By: Lindsey Cawood Please be sure to check out the "Did you Know..." column at the end for more information on bolded words! Lalanbai Kadam was born in Pimpalgaon, India 75 years ago. Of her nine siblings, five died before entering adulthood; the remaining four shared her family’s one-room house. As “Untouchables,” Lalanbai’s family was... Continue Reading →

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