Science Center Update

Written by Cameron Hawkins January was an eventful month for the Science Center! Dr. Martin Kamela, who started the Science Center, returned with two Elon students, several Science Center Staff attended a conference on science education in India, a workshop was conducted for Science teachers in Jamkhed, follow-up kits were made, and the 2nd Trash-to-Treasure... Continue Reading →

Staff profile: An Interview with Surekha!

This interview was conducted with Surekha, a valued staff member and inspirational figure at CRHP! What is your educational background? I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology (with honors) from Karjat College and another MsC in entomology from Ahmednagar College. What were your initial responsibilities? I joined CRHP in 2011 as a social... Continue Reading →

New Science Center Courses!

By: Martin Kamela After a short break for the end of school year exams, the CRHP Science Center is buzzing with activity once again, as the summer enrichment courses for 10th-12th grade students have begun. The goal of the CRHP Science Center is to promote inquiry-based, hands-on learning. This complements what students experience in school,... Continue Reading →

Trash to Treasure- Jamkhed Science and Arts Fair

By: Martin Kamela The CRHP Science Center seeks to promote the hands-on learning of science, to popularize science and technology, and to promote creativity with secondary schoolchildren in Jamkhed and the surrounding rural area. To this end, the Science Center partnered with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj College of Education - Jamkhed to organize and run a... Continue Reading →

The Elon Science and Technology Interns 2013

Jill Graczyk and Anna Wilkes, two undergraduate Biochemistry majors from Elon University are completing their 1-month long stay at CRHP. They are working under Physics professor, Dr. Martin Kamela, who is head of the up-and-coming Science Center on CRHP’s campus. The aim of the Science Center is to provide an innovative way of teaching to... Continue Reading →

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