Science Center Update

Written by Cameron Hawkins January was an eventful month for the Science Center! Dr. Martin Kamela, who started the Science Center, returned with two Elon students, several Science Center Staff attended a conference on science education in India, a workshop was conducted for Science teachers in Jamkhed, follow-up kits were made, and the 2nd Trash-to-Treasure... Continue Reading →

Elon University Visits CRHP: Experiential Course

Twice a year, CRHP hosts students from the Elon University in North Carolina for a three-week long course. During this course, the students are exposed to all CRHP programs. Below is part of a write up done by an Elon student regarding her most meaningful experience at CRHP. Written by Emily Thomas I came to CRHP with... Continue Reading →

CRHP 2013 Year-in-Review

The year 2013 has officially come to a close. Before moving full speed into the new year, it is important to reflect back on the successes of the past year.  Here are some of the 2013 highlights from the Comprehensive Rural Health Project: Training The way that CRHP scales-up is through training; in the past, CRHP... Continue Reading →

The CRHP Science Center

This past month, we celebrated the grand opening of the CRHP Science Center. Martin Kamela, a physics professor from Elon University who is on a sabbatical at CRHP for the year, reflects on the partnerships that led to the founding of the Science Center and the potential it holds for the future. A new initiative... Continue Reading →

The Elon Science and Technology Interns 2013

Jill Graczyk and Anna Wilkes, two undergraduate Biochemistry majors from Elon University are completing their 1-month long stay at CRHP. They are working under Physics professor, Dr. Martin Kamela, who is head of the up-and-coming Science Center on CRHP’s campus. The aim of the Science Center is to provide an innovative way of teaching to... Continue Reading →

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