VHW Profile: The Story of Akila Sayyed

As told by Akila Sayyed, translated by Surekha  After I got married at the age of 16, I worked on farms in the villages as well as factories in cities; however, my life never improved. I never found satisfaction in my work; no one respected me. I wasn’t contributing to the wellbeing of my family... Continue Reading →

Developing an Aquaponics System at CRHP

Written by: Brad McFarland, CRHP Volunteer Aquaponics is a combination of hydroponics (growing plants in water instead of soil) and aquaculture (fish farming). Traditionally, a large percentage of water escapes into the ground and is not used by plants when they are watered. In traditional aquaculture, as waste builds up in the water, it is... Continue Reading →

VHW Profile: The Story of Asha

Written by: Carla Menezes, Khushbu Pandya, and Fara Rodríguez, CRHP volunteers Asha and other Village Health Workers pose after a farm seminar. Asha is a Village Health Worker who has been working with the neighboring slum of Indiranagar for the past twenty-one years. She was born into an Other Backward Caste (OBC) family, and therefore, had... Continue Reading →

Science Center Update

Written by Cameron Hawkins January was an eventful month for the Science Center! Dr. Martin Kamela, who started the Science Center, returned with two Elon students, several Science Center Staff attended a conference on science education in India, a workshop was conducted for Science teachers in Jamkhed, follow-up kits were made, and the 2nd Trash-to-Treasure... Continue Reading →

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