6 Month Update on CRHP’s Community Based Diabetes Prevention

In April, CRHP completed its first 6 months of Community Based Diabetes Prevention, a program sponsored by the World Diabetes Foundation. The project began with training our Village Health Workers. As the first point of contact between villagers and healthcare, it was critical to ensure VHWs had all of the information and tools they needed... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: An Interview with Shahabai

Shahabai is the head nurse at CRHP’s Julia Hospital. If you visit the Hospital, her presence is unavoidable, she is always making sure patients are being taken care of, and she ensures everything is in order. She has been with CRHP for so long that she jokes about not remembering what her life was like... Continue Reading →

Saradwadi: The Story of a CRHP Project Village

Interview with Rhambabai, Village Health Worker of Saradwadi  Interview and written by Meredith Burns Saradwadi, a rural village about 7km from Jamkhed, has been one of CRHP’s Project Villages for the past twenty years. The partnership started when Raj and Mabelle Arole began training a local 20-something year old woman named Rhambabai to be the community’s... Continue Reading →

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