VHW Profile: The Story of Sakhubai

Sakhubai is fifty years old. She has never been to school, but has been a Village Health Worker for sixteen years in her village Pangulgavhan (about 45 minutes from Jamkhed). Sakhubai was interviewed to find out more about her experience as a Village Health Worker and, more specifically, about how she views the situation of... Continue Reading →

“Empowered Women Empower Women” – A Student’s Video Reflection

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bp4lcrDwyQ This past January, CRHP hosted a group of students from Elon University in the United States. Take a look and listen to this video in which one of the students explains what women working at CRHP taught her about the links between empowerment and health.

Sacred Heart University Testimonials

This January we hosted students from Sacred Heart University for two weeks. Here are the students' reflections about their experiences here. Enjoy! My favorite experience was going into the villages and meeting the people who benefit from the knowledge of the Village Health Workers. It was amazing to see the influence one person can have... Continue Reading →

Cornell College Photo Voice Project

This month, we had students from Cornell College visit the CRHP campus. For their final project, the students were asked to present photographs on their CRHP course experience that focused on gender and development in India. Here are their photographs and reflections. Enjoy! Yamunabai, a VHW, continues to share her knowledge with others. A reflection... Continue Reading →

CRHP Summer Reflection

Written By Mitchell Wang, visiting student “Hey! Welcome to CRHP! This is your room and if you need anything, just tell me, and I will get it for you.” A CRHP worker with a warm voice, optimistic tone and a big happy smiling face, welcomed me to this “brand new place”. As a high school... Continue Reading →

A Visitor’s Village Overnight

One of the most unique experiences that interns and fellows here at CRHP have is the opportunity to get to know our Village Health Workers (VHWs) and to occasionally spend a night with one of them in her village. It was my great privilege to be able to spend a night in Sakat with one... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: The Story of Heerabai

Heerabai is one of the women who made her way to CRHP as a patient but has now become a member of the CRHP community as a staff member at the Mabelle Arole Rehabilitation Center. Heerabai was born in nearby village, Rajuri, but she received no education growing up. Heerabai became part of our community... Continue Reading →

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