Experiencing Community-Based Healthcare: CRHP Experiential Course

Written by Lauren Sutherland, CRHP Experiential Course Participant and new Mabelle Arole Fellow For the past three weeks, the best word that I could use to describe what we learned in our course at CRHP would be 'community'. As we went from class to class learning about men’s and women’s groups, adolescent programs, VHWs, and... Continue Reading →

Make a Film & a Difference: The ‘Film In Action’ Documentary Outreach Course

Written by: Matthew Barwick, Founder & Head Tutor at Film in Action In November 2013, I arrived in rural India to CRHP as a filmmaker and film skills tutor where I began a 6-month placement as a videographer and photographer for the organization. There, I experienced a new culture, worked closely with a community, and learned... Continue Reading →

Meet Emily, CRHP’s 2014 Mabelle Arole Fellow.

Written by Emily Foltz CRHP has warmly welcomed Emily Foltz as the 2014-2015 Mabelle Arole Fellow. Emily completed her undergraduate studies at Duke University, majoring in Biology with a concentration in Pharmacology and completing a certificate studies program in Global Health. After finishing her fellowship in Jamkhed, she will attend the Pritzker School of Medicine... Continue Reading →

Mabelle Arole 2013 Fellow – Anirudh Kumar

We are thrilled to have Anirudh ‘Ani’ Kumar here on campus as the 2012-2013 Mabelle Arole Fellow. Ani completed his undergraduate studies at Columbia University, majoring in Sustainable Development and Anthropology. He plans to do his medical studies at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Here’s what he says about his experience so far: By Anirudh... Continue Reading →

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