A Visitor’s Village Overnight

One of the most unique experiences that interns and fellows here at CRHP have is the opportunity to get to know our Village Health Workers (VHWs) and to occasionally spend a night with one of them in her village. It was my great privilege to be able to spend a night in Sakat with one... Continue Reading →

Saradwadi: The Story of a CRHP Project Village

Interview with Rhambabai, Village Health Worker of Saradwadi  Interview and written by Meredith Burns Saradwadi, a rural village about 7km from Jamkhed, has been one of CRHP’s Project Villages for the past twenty years. The partnership started when Raj and Mabelle Arole began training a local 20-something year old woman named Rhambabai to be the community’s... Continue Reading →

Spirit of Humanity Awards!

By: Alyssa Dilly This past Wednesday, April 16th, a unique mix of exceptional, health-focused organizations met at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Mumbai for the 5th Annual Spirit of Humanity Awards. This prestigious award is sponsored by the AmeriCares India Foundation, a public charitable trust that has been providing medical aid across India for over... Continue Reading →

Paradigm Shifts

By: Marcus Heisler About 30 percent of US medical students participate in global health experiences by the time they graduate from med school. These experiences range from shadowing world-class physicians in technologically advanced foreign hospitals to being the first-assist on a life-saving surgery in a remote rural health center. Most of these experiences are clinic-based,... Continue Reading →

The Rise of “Corporate Social Responsibility” and India’s New CSR Law

By Anirudh Kumar In recent years, the corporate sector has become increasingly involved with the work of the development sector, catalyzed by the growing interest of corporates to be involved in activities such as poverty alleviation and reducing the global burden of disease. Corporate involvement in achieving social, economic, and health-related goals in marginalized populations... Continue Reading →

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