Sustainable Farming Practices: A New Curriculum for the Adolescent Boys Program

As we head into another year of drought in Maharashtra, CRHP has identified that it is increasingly important to work with farmers on sustainable farming practices, food security, and the mental health implications of drought on farmers, their families, and their communities. In the last decade, farmer suicides in India have gained significant attention. This... Continue Reading →

A Helping Hand: CRHP’s Latest Technology Exchange with SwissLimbs

This past week, CRHP’s Artificial Limbs team and SwissLimbs, a nonprofit organization based in Switzerland, worked together to expand the services offered by the Artificial Limbs Workshop at CRHP. The mission of SwissLimbs is to provide mobility to all people as a fundamental human right, which complements CRHP’s vision of comprehensive health access and empowerment... Continue Reading →

Sacred Heart University Testimonials

This January we hosted students from Sacred Heart University for two weeks. Here are the students' reflections about their experiences here. Enjoy! My favorite experience was going into the villages and meeting the people who benefit from the knowledge of the Village Health Workers. It was amazing to see the influence one person can have... Continue Reading →

Cornell College Photo Voice Project

This month, we had students from Cornell College visit the CRHP campus. For their final project, the students were asked to present photographs on their CRHP course experience that focused on gender and development in India. Here are their photographs and reflections. Enjoy! Yamunabai, a VHW, continues to share her knowledge with others. A reflection... Continue Reading →

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