A Journey of Self-Discovery

The World Health Organization defines empowerment as “the process by which people gain control over the factors and decisions that shape their lives.” This process manifests differently not only in each community but with each individual. At CRHP, it is a belief that empowerment of women is the key to the empowerment of a community... Continue Reading →

Eight Weeks in Jamkhed: A Couple’s Reflection on Their Public Health Internship

Written by Jason Worley, a visiting undergraduate student from Brigham Young University, and Kylie Worley, a visiting business professional from Utah The two months we have spent at the Comprehensive Rural Health Project, Jamkhed have been an eye-opening experience that we will never forget. There truly is no way for us to explain or share... Continue Reading →

A Village Visit to Pimperkhed

Written by SJ Renfroe It is still my first week being at CRHP, and already I have learned so much about community-oriented health which is sustainable and based on pursuing human dignity and equality. In order to better understand CRHP’s programs in action, I went with a group of students to Pimperkhed, one of CRHP’s... Continue Reading →

When you give, I can give…

Giving Tuesday, December 2, 2014, is a global day dedicated to celebrating generosity and giving back. This year, CRHP wants to connect our donors, staff, and volunteers for Giving Tuesday by highlighting the impact our dedicated team is having on their community, thanks to your ongoing and generous support over the past years. If you are... Continue Reading →

Meet Emily, CRHP’s 2014 Mabelle Arole Fellow.

Written by Emily Foltz CRHP has warmly welcomed Emily Foltz as the 2014-2015 Mabelle Arole Fellow. Emily completed her undergraduate studies at Duke University, majoring in Biology with a concentration in Pharmacology and completing a certificate studies program in Global Health. After finishing her fellowship in Jamkhed, she will attend the Pritzker School of Medicine... Continue Reading →

Mobile Health Team: The Link of Health

Written by Morgan Ducey The Comprehensive Rural Health Project’s (CRHP) vision of health goes beyond the absence of disease; it includes social, economic, spiritual, physical, and mental well-being. The goal is to give everyone access to what CRHP sees as each person's inherent right to health in all these areas, through empowerment of the poor... Continue Reading →

Millennium Development Goals Momentum.

Written by Amy Mills, Bethea Robertson, Cameron Hawkins and Emily Foltz. With just 500 days until the target date for the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), CRHP takes a look back at its impact on the MDGs so far. Source: http://www.iarc.res.in/rio/MDG.html MDG1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger The link between increased income and improved health outcomes has... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Cardiovascular Diseases in Villages

By: Irene Calimlim Once seen as diseases of affluent nations, chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes are on the rise in developing nations such as India. This is known as the “demographic transition,” wherein a country transitions away from communicable diseases to noncommunicable diseases as its GDP rises. This transition has occurred rapidly in... Continue Reading →

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