The Prospect of Solar Stoves at CRHP

In CRHP’s pursuit of using appropriate technology in the Project Villages, we have begun investigating the practicality of solar stoves as an alternative to stovetops for the villages. Typically, solar stoves are an expensive and an unaffordable investment for people in rural areas, but 100 Suns is an organization that works to disseminate a simple... Continue Reading →

The Impact of Nutrition in the Adolescent Girls Program

Written by Alexis Barab In the past year, 45 adolescent girls from 2 rural villages around Jamkhed have been trained in topics of health, sanitation, environment, nutrition, and kitchen garden construction and maintenance. These girls are between the ages of 10 and 18 and have been trained by CRHP’s social workers, CRHP nurses, CRHP Farmers’... Continue Reading →

Overcoming Cardiovascular Diseases in Villages

By: Irene Calimlim Once seen as diseases of affluent nations, chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes are on the rise in developing nations such as India. This is known as the “demographic transition,” wherein a country transitions away from communicable diseases to noncommunicable diseases as its GDP rises. This transition has occurred rapidly in... Continue Reading →

New Science Center Courses!

By: Martin Kamela After a short break for the end of school year exams, the CRHP Science Center is buzzing with activity once again, as the summer enrichment courses for 10th-12th grade students have begun. The goal of the CRHP Science Center is to promote inquiry-based, hands-on learning. This complements what students experience in school,... Continue Reading →

Agriculture in the Jamkhed Area: What’s Going On?

After several years of prolonged drought, it was expected that the situation facing farmers in the Jamkhed area today would have changed substantially. At the beginning of the year, a year-long research project was started that looks in-depth at the state of affairs regarding agriculture in this area. In this UN designated International Year of... Continue Reading →

Women’s issues in rural India

By: Lindsey Cawood THE CURRENT STATUS OF WOMEN IN INDIA In recent years, India has made great strides in improving the status of women. The constitution bans discrimination, calls for equity between the sexes, and prohibits paying women lesser wages for the same work as men. Dowry has been outlawed, and government aid programs help... Continue Reading →

CRHP Mental Health Program: Repaving Old Paths

By: Sarita Panchang According to the World Health Organization, roughly 450 million people around the world suffer from a mental illness. In 2010, basic mental and behavioral conditions such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse caused almost a fourth of total years of life lost due to disability . Doubtless, the global prevalence of mental... Continue Reading →

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