Staff Profile: The Story of Heerabai

Heerabai is one of the women who made her way to CRHP as a patient but has now become a member of the CRHP community as a staff member at the Mabelle Arole Rehabilitation Center. Heerabai was born in nearby village, Rajuri, but she received no education growing up. Heerabai became part of our community... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: The Story of Ratna

By: Lindsey Cawood Note: Check out the 'Did You Know...?' column at the bottom for more information on bolded words!  Her smile is contagious. At 5’0,” Ratna’s petite frame elegantly shapes her bright orange and yellow sari. Her long, black hair is pulled loosely behind her neck into a braid, revealing three gold earrings on each... Continue Reading →

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