Five Years Later: Elon Fellow Returns to CRHP

  At the end of my Elon Fellowship year at CRHP, the closest thing I could imagine to my ideal job was to become a Village Health Worker back home. During the first three years after I returned to North Carolina, I used what I had learned from the VHWs and Mobile Health Team to... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: An Interview with Shahabai

Shahabai is the head nurse at CRHP’s Julia Hospital. If you visit the Hospital, her presence is unavoidable, she is always making sure patients are being taken care of, and she ensures everything is in order. She has been with CRHP for so long that she jokes about not remembering what her life was like... Continue Reading →

Health for All: Maternal Healthcare at Julia Hospital

Written by: Alex Halliday, CRHP volunteer  Before leaving the UK, I was programmed to believe that successful maternal healthcare came from plugging large funds into training highly-selective doctors and midwives. The maternity ward at CRHP's Julia Hospital is indeed a success, but it is neither built nor sustained on this ethic. From the very beginning,... Continue Reading →

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