Staff Profile: An Interview with Surekha

Interviewed and written by: Sumana V Surekha has worked at CRHP for the past fifteen years and lives in the Jamkhed area with her family. She currently is the Head Tailor of the Helping Hands Project, which works to provide fair-wage employment as well as skills-based training to women. What were things like while you... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: An Interview with Prameshwar

Interviewed and written by Cameron Hawkins How long have you been working at CRHP? I have been working at CRHP for 18 years. How and why did you end up working at CRHP? I used to work as a contract laborer for the Government, and one of my contracts was to dig pits for drumstick... Continue Reading →

When you give, I can give…

Giving Tuesday, December 2, 2014, is a global day dedicated to celebrating generosity and giving back. This year, CRHP wants to connect our donors, staff, and volunteers for Giving Tuesday by highlighting the impact our dedicated team is having on their community, thanks to your ongoing and generous support over the past years. If you are... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: The Story of Meena

Written by Emily Foltz Meena is finishing her 10th year as head teacher in charge of CRHP’s Joyful Learning Preschool. As she walks through the local slum, Indiranagar, she kindly and confidently checks in on families; her presence is felt and respected by everyone who meets her. Meena’s dedication to the school, the students, and... Continue Reading →

Staff profile: An Interview with Surekha!

This interview was conducted with Surekha, a valued staff member and inspirational figure at CRHP! What is your educational background? I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology (with honors) from Karjat College and another MsC in entomology from Ahmednagar College. What were your initial responsibilities? I joined CRHP in 2011 as a social... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: The Story of Ratna

By: Lindsey Cawood Note: Check out the 'Did You Know...?' column at the bottom for more information on bolded words!  Her smile is contagious. At 5’0,” Ratna’s petite frame elegantly shapes her bright orange and yellow sari. Her long, black hair is pulled loosely behind her neck into a braid, revealing three gold earrings on each... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: Yosef Pandit

By: Alyssa Dilly Though Mr. Yosef Pandit, Mobile Health Team coordinator and Village Health Worker trainer at CRHP, has recently celebrated his retirement, he continues to be an integral member of the Jamkhed community and CRHP staff. In this interview, Mr. Pandit reflects on his time at CRHP. 1. How did you begin working at... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: Dr. Pravin Thokal

By Alyssa Dilly In addition to welcoming in the New Year, CRHP excitedly welcomes a new doctor to join our staff at the Julia Hospital. Board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Pravin Thokal is especially passionate about providing reproductive health care and education to women in rural India. Dr. Pravin Thokal was born and raised... Continue Reading →

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