Staff Profile: Amol Khetre

If you were to walk around CRHP’s campus on a Sunday, you would probably bump into a group of children. The sound of their laughter and running feet often fills the halls of the training center and the pathways outside their parents’ houses. Mobile Health Team (MHT) member, Amol, talks about what it was like... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: The Story of Anil Kadam

Anil Kadam, Manager of Appropriate Technology Anil grew up as an only child in the town of Ahmednagar where his father was serving in the military. He frequently visited CRHP during holidays from school to spend time with his aunt who was a nurse at CRHP and uncle who was a driver at CRHP. Anil was... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: The Story of Heerabai

Heerabai is one of the women who made her way to CRHP as a patient but has now become a member of the CRHP community as a staff member at the Mabelle Arole Rehabilitation Center. Heerabai was born in nearby village, Rajuri, but she received no education growing up. Heerabai became part of our community... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: An Interview with Mangal Pandit

Born in the Maharashtrian village of Manman, Mrs. Mangal Pandit has worked at CRHP since 1979 and lives on CRHP’s campus with her family. She is currently Nursing Superintendent at CRHP’s Julia Hospital. In her time at CRHP, she has conducted thousands of deliveries in addition to other duties attending to in-patients. How did you... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: An Interview with Mandabai

Interviewed and written by: Sumana V Mandabai has been at CRHP for many years and has various jobs including cooking in the kitchen and taking care of the Training Center. She is often seen serving tea and laughing with visitors, trainees, and all those who pass by the Training Center. When and how did you come... Continue Reading →

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