Staff Profile: The Story of Heerabai

Heerabai is one of the women who made her way to CRHP as a patient but has now become a member of the CRHP community as a staff member at the Mabelle Arole Rehabilitation Center. Heerabai was born in nearby village, Rajuri, but she received no education growing up. Heerabai became part of our community... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: An Interview with Shahabai

Shahabai is the head nurse at CRHP’s Julia Hospital. If you visit the Hospital, her presence is unavoidable, she is always making sure patients are being taken care of, and she ensures everything is in order. She has been with CRHP for so long that she jokes about not remembering what her life was like... Continue Reading →

VHW Profile: The Story of Asha

Written by: Carla Menezes, Khushbu Pandya, and Fara Rodríguez, CRHP volunteers Asha and other Village Health Workers pose after a farm seminar. Asha is a Village Health Worker who has been working with the neighboring slum of Indiranagar for the past twenty-one years. She was born into an Other Backward Caste (OBC) family, and therefore, had... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: An Interview with Mangal Pandit

Born in the Maharashtrian village of Manman, Mrs. Mangal Pandit has worked at CRHP since 1979 and lives on CRHP’s campus with her family. She is currently Nursing Superintendent at CRHP’s Julia Hospital. In her time at CRHP, she has conducted thousands of deliveries in addition to other duties attending to in-patients. How did you... Continue Reading →

VHW Profile: The Story of Sofiabai

Written by: Sumana V Sofiabai is a 73-year-old VHW in Patoda with expansive experience working in improving health, women’s empowerment, and tackling societal obstacles.  Growing up as the oldest of sixteen children, Sofiabai felt pressure to take care of the household early on. The pardah system existed in her small Muslim community within her village,... Continue Reading →

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