The Impact of Nutrition in the Adolescent Girls Program

Written by Alexis Barab In the past year, 45 adolescent girls from 2 rural villages around Jamkhed have been trained in topics of health, sanitation, environment, nutrition, and kitchen garden construction and maintenance. These girls are between the ages of 10 and 18 and have been trained by CRHP’s social workers, CRHP nurses, CRHP Farmers’... Continue Reading →


Staff Profile: An Interview with Monika Kamble

Written by: Sumana V Monika Kamble is an instructor for the Adolescent Girls Program and has been working at CRHP for almost 20 years. How did you become interested in the Adolescent Girls Program? I came to CRHP in 1996 after I was married. In 1998, I was working in Latur through CRHP, and the area... Continue Reading →

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