6 Month Update on CRHP’s Community Based Diabetes Prevention

In April, CRHP completed its first 6 months of Community Based Diabetes Prevention, a program sponsored by the World Diabetes Foundation. The project began with training our Village Health Workers. As the first point of contact between villagers and healthcare, it was critical to ensure VHWs had all of the information and tools they needed to be able to assist in the execution of this program. Having prepared Village Health Workers with all of the information necessary about type I, type II, and gestational diabetes, VHWs and the Mobile Health Team set out to survey community members in 15 Project Villages. High risk individuals were identified for both glucose testing and prevention programming at a later stage.


Our next goal during this project was to involve adolescent boys and girls to assess and improve their knowledge about diabetes. After developing a curriculum specifically for our Adolescent Programs, we began hosting one day diabetes classes for adolescent girls and boys  from our Project Villages. Using a pre-post test measure, we were able to see that knowledge about diabetes risk factors, symptoms, complications, lifestyle changes, and methods for monitoring had increased for every student by the end of the class.

While our Village Health Workers and some of the adolescent girls and boys now are armed with knowledge about diabetes, we know that there is still much more to be done pertaining to diabetes in the Project Villages. After surveying and administering blood tests throughout the Project Villages, it was found that the prevalence of type II diabetes in our villages ranges from 12-22 per 1000. Of the patients in our Project Villages, between 14-40% did not already know that they had type II diabetes. Additionally, of those who were aware of their diabetes status, not a single patient reported taking prescribed mediation regularly and receiving regular glucose tests at a clinic.FullSizeRender

In the next six months, we have a few goals: 1) complete glucose testing among high risk individuals in 15 additional Project Villages 2) host additional diabetes classes at CRHP for adolescent boys and girls from 5 additional Project Villages 3) train Village Health Workers on principles of diabetes prevention and management 4) work with our Village Health Workers to create community-based diabetes that they can teach in their villages.

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