A Day in the Life: the Joyful Learning Preschool

Written by Julia Queale, Intern

In 1993, CRHP opened the Joyful Learning Preschool for the children from Indiranagar, CRHP’s neighboring slum. For six days a week, children ages two to five come to the preschool to build a foundation for their academic and social life. Alongside the activities to build this foundation, the children also learn about basic preventative health concepts. The school provides 2 nutricious meals and a snack every day, as many of the children’s families cannot afford proper nutrition in their homes. In 2014, the Joyful Learning Preschool opened a second building to compensate for the increased number of students. The preschool also allows parents to go to work and older siblings to stay in school while their young children enjoy a safe learning environment.

Meena begins each school day with a walk through Indiranagar, CRHP’s neighboring slum. She visits families, asks about any health concerns, and gathers the children from their homes.
The children play outdoors as they wait for the day to begin.
Each day begins with singing, dancing, and stretching. The songs, sung in Marathi and English, help educate the children about different health practices, such as hand washing and brushing teeth.
Before starting their group work, the teachers take attendance. Once a month, the height and weight of each child is recorded next to their name. This allows the teachers to monitor the health of malnourished children.
After attendance is taken, the group is split in two: younger children and older children. This separation allows for the children to learn based on their level of education.
The interactive learning opportunities allow the children to work with one another and discover new concepts.
The younger group is divided into six smaller groups, each one spending their time at a specific station. The interaction between classmates helps to build a foundation for their social life.
Before breakfast, snack, and lunch, the children line up to wash their hands.
The Joyful Learning Preschool provides a nutritious breakfast for each child to help decrease the risk for child malnutrition.
After finishing their breakfast, the children break into their groups to practice their reading and writing.
Meena works with the older children as they learn how to read and write in English and Marathi.
The older group uses workbooks to practice what they have learned.
Before taking a nap, the children receive a snack to help with nutrition.
The children take a 45 minute before resuming the afternoon group activities.
During the afternoon, the children break into groups for their third group activity.
The children work on different puzzles to build social relationships and challenge themselves.
The children eat their second nutrious meal of the day before returning home.
The children play outside as they wait for their parents to come pick them up.

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