Science Center Update

Written by Cameron Hawkins

January was an eventful month for the Science Center! Dr. Martin Kamela, who started the Science Center, returned with two Elon students, several Science Center Staff attended a conference on science education in India, a workshop was conducted for Science teachers in Jamkhed, follow-up kits were made, and the 2nd Trash-to-Treasure Science Fair occurred.

Upon arrival in India, Martin met several of the Science Center staff in Pune for a conference on universalizing high quality science education. Education enthusiasts from NGOs, government and private schools, and other organizations throughout India met to discuss how to incorporate more practical learning into the Indian science curriculum. Over the next three years, these education advocates will implement hands-on learning at a small scale and based on outcomes, create a campaign to universalize changes in India’s science education system. During the conference, participants convened in breakout groups to discuss their goals and action plans for the campaign.

conferenceAttendees of the conference participate in a breakout session.

Nicandro Mandujano Acevedo and Mike Perez, two seniors from Elon University, spent three weeks organizing the new follow-up kit program at the Science Center. Nine kits, for students in standards 6-10, are ready to be checked out by science teachers within Jamkhed block. Each kit contains separate student and teacher instructions, all materials to conduct the experiment, and a monitoring and evaluation survey to be filled out by the teacher. The kits are checked out for one week and then returned by Friday so the Science Center staff can check them, replace any broken or missing items, and get it ready to be checked out by another school the following week. Hopefully, if the kits prove successful, more experiments for each standard will be added and incorporated into the science curriculum. To introduce these kits to the Jamkhed block teachers, the CHRP Science Center held a workshop that 35 teachers attended. During this workshop, teachers went through each follow-up activity with one of the Science Center staff members. Since the workshop was successful, the Science Center plans to conduct more in the future.


Nicandro teaches students how to calculate motion.

The 2nd Annual Trash-to-Treasure Science Fair in association with B.Ed College took place on February 7th and 8th. Twenty-five students participated by bringing science experiments they made at home to be judged. Many students also chose to bring art showpieces made from recycled materials.

boys hydraulics

Using hydraulics, two boys power a backhoe.

With the academic year coming to a close, the Science Center staff are preparing for the 11th and 12th standard summer courses. During the months of April to June, students will choose to participate in weeklong sessions focusing on Biology, Robotics, Physics, Chemistry, or Energy. Please keep an eye on social media for updates on the end of 7th Standard and the beginning of the summer programs.

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