Make a Film & a Difference: The ‘Film In Action’ Documentary Outreach Course

Written by: Matthew Barwick, Founder & Head Tutor at Film in Action

In November 2013, I arrived in rural India to CRHP as a filmmaker and film skills tutor where I began a 6-month placement as a videographer and photographer for the organization. There, I experienced a new culture, worked closely with a community, and learned about sustainable development. The 6 months was a period of learning, challenges, surprises, and inspiration as I witnessed the work of CRHP in the community, and I was left with some incredible memories.

Since leaving CRHP, I have founded a new organization called Film In Action ( to provide experiential filmmaking courses to students from around the world, the core of which is our Documentary Outreach Course. This course aims to bring aspiring filmmakers and students of all disciplines to new places, cultures, and people to learn new skills and use them to document and promote the work of NGOs and grassroots organizations.

When I was planning our schedule for the summer of 2015, CRHP immediately came to mind as the perfect place to run our course. I know from my own experience that working with CRHP affords people a unique opportunity to observe, collaborate, and learn from a community. Students will have the opportunity to meet some truly inspirational people and hear their stories whilst also learning about development and how CRHP programs aim to empower communities, tackling issues such as access to education, discrimination, and malnutrition.

_Internship Program_

In June 2015, we intend to run a 3-week full immersion program at CRHP. Participants will be housed on the CRHP campus where they will be able to observe, on a daily basis, many of CRHP’s programs and interact with local staff and community members. Working in groups of 4, each member will have a defined role as director, producer, cinematographer, or editor. The course will be broken down into pre-production, production, and post-production, during the 3 weeks. The course includes numerous field visits, theory sessions, and practical workshops forming our curriculum based around documentary storytelling. The aim of the course will be to produce a 5-minute documentary film about one of CRHPs programs, which CRHP can then use to fundraise and shine a light on the work they do.

As a filmmaker myself, I know what an incredible place CRHP is to film. There are so many fascinating, life affirming stories to tell that it is the perfect environment to make a documentary. Film In Action and CRHP are very excited about this new course. If you are creative and love challenge and travelling, then we want to hear from you. The world awaits!

If you’re interested in participating in the CRHP Documentary Outreach Course then please get in touch with either Matthew – or Alexis Barab –

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