Staff Profile: An Interview with Mangal Pandit

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Born in the Maharashtrian village of Manman, Mrs. Mangal Pandit has worked at CRHP since 1979 and lives on CRHP’s campus with her family. She is currently Nursing Superintendent at CRHP’s Julia Hospital. In her time at CRHP, she has conducted thousands of deliveries in addition to other duties attending to in-patients.

How did you come to CRHP?

I began working at CRHP in 1979 as a practical nurse in the hospital. I was married in 1981, and at that time my husband and I both returned to work at CRHP. After a time, Dr. Arole sent me to train as an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) in Madhya Pradesh. When I came back from that training, I took on more responsibility for deliveries and care for pregnant women in the hospital.

When did you become interested in healthcare/nursing?

My mother was a nurse for CRHP. Her work in the hospital and for CRHP inspired me to become a nurse and work here as well.

What issues or complications normally cause women to come to CRHP hospital?

Most of our female patients come for antenatal care and deliveries. Women are particularly attracted to CRHP’s hospital, though, because we have a history of having female doctors. Women like to be seen by other women. They also come because of the nursing staff; they come because they know me and the other staff and that makes them confident and comfortable in the care they will receive here.

What do you think is the biggest issue facing girls and women today?

Female infanticide is still a serious issue facing our society. All mothers and families still want to have a male child over a female one. Many women who deliver girl children here are dismayed at the gender of their newborn. This also plays into a larger issue of domestic violence that many women suffer. If a woman gives birth to many female children and no males, her husband and in-laws can cause her to suffer greatly, erroneously believing it is her fault they have only girl children. This violence against women, both in birth and throughout their life, is a constant problem women face daily.

What is your favorite thing about working at the hospital?

Replying with a broad smile, “conducting deliveries.”

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