Staff Profile: An Interview with Mandabai

Interviewed and written by: Sumana V

mundabai fb

Mandabai has been at CRHP for many years and has various jobs including cooking in the kitchen and taking care of the Training Center. She is often seen serving tea and laughing with visitors, trainees, and all those who pass by the Training Center.

When and how did you come to CRHP?

I began working at CRHP somewhere between 22 to 25 years ago. My husband left me, and I was raising my daughter alone while trying to find small jobs for our daily needs. One day, I had fallen sick and came to the CRHP hospital because I heard that the services would be affordable for me. After staying at the hospital for a few days, Dr. Raj Arole asked me about my home life. When I said that I did not have a job and could not afford much for my daughter, he offered me a job and a place to stay. CRHP provided me everything from the clothes on my back to the food on my plate. My daughter and I gained a lot of weight after coming here!

How is your daughter?

My daughter is now married and has one son. She lives nearby, and I am able to see both of them often. My grandson did very well in school and is now a science teacher. I am very proud of both of them.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I enjoy cooking and spending time with other women in the kitchen. I also like seeing the many people who come to CRHP. They all like tea a lot!

What is the main change you would like to see for girls in the next generation?

I think the most important thing for girls is to learn and be educated. When you are educated, you can get a good job and be independent by your own choice. Many women in this area are forced to be independent, but they are not ready. Being educated and having your own job can help make them ready.

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