Helping Hands Expansion Project

Written by: Jade Lopez In 2009, 14 year-old Nisha’s mother committed suicide, leaving her as the primary caretaker of her five siblings. While she looked for discarded scraps to eat and plastic bottles to sell, her brothers and sisters begged. Because she lived in the neighboring slum of Indiranagar, CRHP became aware of her circumstances... Continue Reading →


Elon University Visits CRHP: Experiential Course

Twice a year, CRHP hosts students from the Elon University in North Carolina for a three-week long course. During this course, the students are exposed to all CRHP programs. Below is part of a write up done by an Elon student regarding her most meaningful experience at CRHP. Written by Emily Thomas I came to CRHP with... Continue Reading →

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