Summer 2015 Experiential Courses

This summer, CRHP will be offering three experiential courses: an Experiential Course in Health and Development, an Experiential Course in Sustainable Agriculture, and a Documentary Filmmaking Course. Participants in each course will explore the Jamkhed Model of community-based healthcare through the lens of public health, agriculture, or documentary filmmaking.

IMG_2011Through CRHP’s three principles, equity, integration, and empowerment, CRHP has been making health education and practice accessible to some of India’s poorest communities. The goal of the CRHP Experiential Course in Health and Development is to familiarize individuals with CRHP’s comprehensive approach to health and development. Participants will engage in discussions with community groups such as Farmers’ Clubs, Women’s Self-Help Groups, Adolescent Boys and Girls Groups, and Village Health Workers, visit both Project and Non-Project Villages, and spend time on CRHP’s campus learning from social workers, doctors, and community leaders. Participants will complete this course feeling empowered to work efficiently and effectively with people in all communities. Some topics that will be discussed include: community-based primary healthcare, local Indian culture and how it effects health, alternative medicine practices, community organizing, appropriate technology, community participation, and low-cost secondary care.

SAM_6064Universally, all species are suffering from a changing climate and unpredictable weather patterns. Historically, India is known for its monsoon rains, but over the past 10 years, Jamkhed has been in a rain shadow making these seasonal rains largely a thing of the past. Since Jamkhed is an agrarian society and many farmers have been forced to sell their land since the beginning of the drought, CRHP is working to spread knowledge about sustainable farming methods. To learn more about sustainable farming techniques in drought phone areas and the cultural and socio-economic factors related to farming in India, sign-up for CRHP’s Experiential Course in Sustainable Agriculture. While most of the course will be spent doing hands-on learning at CRHP’s Rajanikant Arole Demonstration Farm, participants will also spend time on CRHP’s primary campus discovering how agriculture fits into a larger picture of health and development in India and around the world.

_Internship Program_The CRHP Documentary Filmmaking Course is a unique opportunity for individuals with an interest in filmmaking and travel to come to rural India and produce a short documentary film. Through the pre-production, production, and post-production processes, participants will gain a wide variety of technical, practical, and theory based skills while learning about Indian culture, community, and diversity of people. The short documentary films will focus on a protagonist from one of CRHP’s many programs and seek to tell both their stories and the work of CRHP.

CRHP staff and community members teach all courses with several guest speakers from organizations within Maharashtra. Professionals from an international organization called Film In Action will be partnering with CRHP to teach the course in Documentary Filmmaking. For more details on any of the courses, please see the brochures below. For any other questions, or to apply for a course, please email


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