Bringing Beekeeping to CRHP!

Written by Cameron Hawkins and Richard Grubb. After a successful fundraising campaign in late 2013, the team at the Rajanikant Arole Demonstration Farm (RADF) have developed a beekeeping project along with a partner organization in Mumbai, Under the Mango Tree. The project will provide a central demonstration at the RADF and provide training and support... Continue Reading →


The Encapsulation of “Health For All”: The Rajanikant Arole Demonstration Farm

Written by Richard Grubb In one of life’s strange twists September 27th is a date that has a double significance in the history of the Comprehensive Rural Health Project. It was on this day in 1999 that CRHP founder Dr. Mabelle passed away, 29 years to the day after the official foundation of the organisation... Continue Reading →

VHW Profile: The Story of Rekha

Written By Lexi Barab Be sure to check out the “Did you know?” section at the end of this blog to learn more about the bold words. Rekha comes into the training room, laughing with the other Village Health Workers. She sits in the chair at the front of the room, adjusts her green sari,... Continue Reading →

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