Community Leaders: The Story of Reshma (Julia Hospital Patient)

By: Lindsey Cawood Be sure to check out the "Did You Know...?" column at the end for more information on bolded words! Reshma Ganesh Pawar was 26 years old when she was burned alive (1). Now four years later, she cries as she retells the horrific story of the day that changed her life. Reshma... Continue Reading →


Tackling India’s Gender-Based Violence Epidemic

by: Anirudh Kumar In December 2012, the gang-rape of a woman in Delhi ignited outrage across India. This popular eruption of anger brought many debates on the status of Indian women to the fore. Thereafter, rapes became highly publicized and the public pushed the government to take steps to improve the status of women and... Continue Reading →

New Science Center Courses!

By: Martin Kamela After a short break for the end of school year exams, the CRHP Science Center is buzzing with activity once again, as the summer enrichment courses for 10th-12th grade students have begun. The goal of the CRHP Science Center is to promote inquiry-based, hands-on learning. This complements what students experience in school,... Continue Reading →

Agriculture in the Jamkhed Area: What’s Going On?

After several years of prolonged drought, it was expected that the situation facing farmers in the Jamkhed area today would have changed substantially. At the beginning of the year, a year-long research project was started that looks in-depth at the state of affairs regarding agriculture in this area. In this UN designated International Year of... Continue Reading →

Abandoned- the Story of Akshay

By: Lindsey Cawood Note: Check out the 'Did You Know...?' column at the end for more information on bolded words! He lies in the fetal position on his hospital bed in Jamkhed, India (1), a poor, rural area about 200 miles east of Mumbai. A thin, pink sheet covering his body and face outlines his... Continue Reading →

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