Staff Profile: The Story of Ratna

By: Lindsey Cawood Note: Check out the 'Did You Know...?' column at the bottom for more information on bolded words!  Her smile is contagious. At 5’0,” Ratna’s petite frame elegantly shapes her bright orange and yellow sari. Her long, black hair is pulled loosely behind her neck into a braid, revealing three gold earrings on each... Continue Reading →


Spirit of Humanity Awards!

By: Alyssa Dilly This past Wednesday, April 16th, a unique mix of exceptional, health-focused organizations met at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in Mumbai for the 5th Annual Spirit of Humanity Awards. This prestigious award is sponsored by the AmeriCares India Foundation, a public charitable trust that has been providing medical aid across India for over... Continue Reading →

Staff Profile: Yosef Pandit

By: Alyssa Dilly Though Mr. Yosef Pandit, Mobile Health Team coordinator and Village Health Worker trainer at CRHP, has recently celebrated his retirement, he continues to be an integral member of the Jamkhed community and CRHP staff. In this interview, Mr. Pandit reflects on his time at CRHP. 1. How did you begin working at... Continue Reading →

Women’s issues in rural India

By: Lindsey Cawood THE CURRENT STATUS OF WOMEN IN INDIA In recent years, India has made great strides in improving the status of women. The constitution bans discrimination, calls for equity between the sexes, and prohibits paying women lesser wages for the same work as men. Dowry has been outlawed, and government aid programs help... Continue Reading →

Roshan and the Women’s Self-Help Group

By: Lindsey Cawood Roshan Madra was married at the age of 17. Like most Indian women, Madra then moved into her in-laws’ house, sharing their two-bedroom hut. The hut was so small that fitting the newlywed couple proved impossible; consequently, Madra and her mother-in-law slept in the home while Madra’s husband, father-in-law, and brother slept... Continue Reading →

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