Trash to Treasure- Jamkhed Science and Arts Fair

By: Martin Kamela


The CRHP Science Center seeks to promote the hands-on learning of science, to popularize science and technology, and to promote creativity with secondary schoolchildren in Jamkhed and the surrounding rural area. To this end, the Science Center partnered with Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj College of Education – Jamkhed to organize and run a Science and Arts Fair on February 8th and 9th, 2014.

All Jamkhed-area schools were invited to participate in the fair, held at the College of Education in Jamkhed. Students were asked to utilize trash and other discarded materials to create interesting creations of art or science/technology. Participants were either individual students or small groups, divided into four categories: Science/Technology (grades 5-7), Science/Technology (grades 8-10), Art (grades 5-7), and Art (grades 8-10). A panel of judges had the difficult task of choosing the best three exhibits in each category. The general public also participated in the evaluation process by voting for the ‘People’s Choice Awards.’

The fair was a great success, attracting more than 80 exhibits and 500 attendees. The contest winners of the ‘Judges Choice Awards’ and ‘People’s Choice Awards’ received special certificates at their respective school assemblies. The award winners were then invited back to the College of Education to receive specially designed trophies acknowledging their excellent exhibits.

Considering the success of this inaugural Science and Arts Fair, CRHP has already begun planning next year’s event. CRHP anticipates greater participation and interest from schools, students, and the general public. Please join us next year in this annual event! In the meantime, the CRHP Science Center will continue to promote science and technology education as well as general creativity through this and its other programs.

For more information on the CRHP Science Center, please visit:


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