Staff Profile: Dr. Pravin Thokal

By Alyssa Dilly

In addition to welcoming in the New Year, CRHP excitedly welcomes a new doctor to join our staff at the Julia Hospital. Board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. Pravin Thokal is especially passionate about providing reproductive health care and education to women in rural India.


Dr. Pravin Thokal was born and raised in Shevgaon block of Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, a village, he says, not too different from Jamkhed. Although his initial ambitions were not related to medicine, he scored high enough to receive admission for MBBS, and decided to take advantage of that opened door. While at B.J. Medical College of Pune, Dr. Thokal became fascinated by obstetrics and gynecology, especially inspired by one particular professor. After graduating with MBBS Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery in 2006, he worked in the Bhor District of Pune for two years. While working in this rural area, he saw very poor patients with no access to a hospital, who too-often had at-home deliveries and experienced many complications. “I realized there were so many problems due to lack of infrastructure and lack of my own knowledge,” he says. “I wanted to learn more so I could better serve the rural people.”

With this inspiration, he completed his Post-Graduation at the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS) in Sevagram Wardha, graduating in 2013 with a Diploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics (DGO). His favorite things about being a doctor are educating women and girls about safe pregnancy and delivery, and the unique privilege to treat people. “When your patients are relived of pain, you are also relived from pain,” he says. Dr. Thokal chose to come work at CRHP in order to fulfill his desire to work closely with a hospital staff and truly get to know the people who he is serving.

After just one month on campus, Dr. Thokal has transitioned extremely well. As his understanding of the Jamkhed Model deepens, and he has begun to take initiatives to begin hosting Women’s Health Camps as well as regular health check-ups at CRHP’s Joyful Learning Preschool. Undoubtedly an excellent addition to the CRHP team, Dr. Thokal is excitedly anticipating the unfolding of 2014 and a new start at CRHP.

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