Izmir Training Centre – A Partnership between CRHP, and the city of Izmir, Turkey

For a little over 10 years, CRHP has been working in partnership with The Periclean Scholars programme at Elon University. The programme aims to engage students in issues of international development, and in August 2012, having worked on a documentary, the group received an email from the EXPO 2020 consultants in Turkey with an enticing... Continue Reading →


Mobile Health Team Training

Mabelle Arole Fellow, Anirudh Kumar has been working with CRHP for the last couple of months, and has spent much of that time alongside our Mobile Health Team. Here he writes about his experiences working as a facilitator during their recent training sessions. The Mobile Health Team (MHT) is the bridge between the community and the... Continue Reading →

The Elon Science and Technology Interns 2013

Jill Graczyk and Anna Wilkes, two undergraduate Biochemistry majors from Elon University are completing their 1-month long stay at CRHP. They are working under Physics professor, Dr. Martin Kamela, who is head of the up-and-coming Science Center on CRHP’s campus. The aim of the Science Center is to provide an innovative way of teaching to... Continue Reading →

Mabelle Arole 2013 Fellow – Anirudh Kumar

We are thrilled to have Anirudh ‘Ani’ Kumar here on campus as the 2012-2013 Mabelle Arole Fellow. Ani completed his undergraduate studies at Columbia University, majoring in Sustainable Development and Anthropology. He plans to do his medical studies at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Here’s what he says about his experience so far: By Anirudh... Continue Reading →

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