The CRHP Staff Retreat 2013

By Alyssa Dilly

Over the past couple of months CRHP staff members have travelled to Aurangabad – located about four hours’ drive from Jamkhed – to attend our staff retreats. The retreats acted as an opportunity for all of our staff to leave the familiarity of Jamkhed and come together to share ideas for the future in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. In total we had four retreats each catering for around 35 individuals, where members of staff were able to strengthen relationships, and put forward their vision for a successful future for CRHP. During the retreat all attendees worked together in small groups to create action plans for a project of their choosing. On July 13th they came together once again during the latest all-staff meeting to discuss their ideas further.

The meeting was held to bring participants of the four staff retreats together for an afternoon of thoughtful reflection, collaboration, and planning. Over 60 staff members from CRHP’s many departments— including the Hospital, the Mobile Health Team, the Office, Maintenance, and the Khadkat Farm—gathered to update and share their action plans.

The meeting commenced with music, singing, and a strong message from the retreat facilitators – Director Ravi Arole and Training Coordinator Jayesh Kamble – who encouraged staff to truly commit to their projects. Staff members meanwhile participated in an activity that challenged them to recall valuable lessons learned during the retreats, and they then met with their respective action plan groups to discuss project implementation and goals, and determine project supervisors.

The enthusiasm and autonomy displayed by staff members throughout the meeting created an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere and it was particularly pleasing for the organizers of the retreats to witness such positive reflection. One of our social workers Surekha, who is involved with the Adolescent Girls Program and the Mobile Health Team, described the retreat as “a wonderful opportunity to have time with all the staff and to get to know them better”. She was particularly impressed with the different capacities and skills that were demonstrated by all of those who attended the retreats and the way in which they were brought to light through activities and discussions. When discussing the merits of the retreat in general she commented that “we can learn from obstacles; sharing each other’s difficulties is vital for support and growth.”

We are in a privileged position at CRHP that we have a large, committed, and talented staff, and our all-staff meetings provide an opportunity for all members to communicate interdepartmentally, exchange ideas and resources, and provide information regarding organization-wide objectives. This idea of working together as one organization, and not as a group of individual departments is something we are working at more than ever. CRHP looks forward to supporting the departmental action plans created and revised at the all-staff retreat and follow-up meetings as they are implemented throughout the next year.

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